Ignacio Bragado is the type of creative, with a background in art direction, that after working in advertising for 20 years, for all sorts and flavors of blue chip brands, on every channel: direct marketing, events, social media and digital. Sometimes misses the simple joy of drawing.
No brief, no particular campaign media buy, just a white “paper” (well, you know, iPad-paper) and whatever his mind feels like doodling during those moments of pure evasion into imagine-land.
For a while now, he’s been illustrating under the pseudonym A T O R M E N T A D O (tormented) a manifestation of his own personal style born out of experimentation and fun times just letting the pen flow.
It’s that same personal style that we, at Creative Factory, decided to embrace when creating this collection. As ad-people, we intuitively felt attracted to the crafty and energetic nature of the traces, combined with a certain “tension” or torness in the characters. Something many creatives feel when the creative nature of what we do has to be framed to fit within the boundaries of a commercial project.